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Would you like to learn to: 
- channel your anxious energy
into POWERFUL action!
- reclaim your JOY & energy!
-  be present at work AND at home!
Did you just say,
"Yes, yes and YES!"?
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Make Anxiety
Your Superpower!

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About Your Coach


As a wife, mom, cancer survivor, therapist, author and coach I've struggled with chronic worry and anxiety. For years I've allowed it to suck the joy from my life! 


Through time I have learned to worry less and to use that anxious energy for good in my life.

It is now my mission to teach other anxious mom-business-owners to put an end to the drain of anxiety in their lives and
to rediscover and reclaim genuine JOY in running a business AND raising a family!

I'm sure I don't have to tell you that anxiety drains us. 

It also robs us of the courage and energy to move forward with our lives.

But it doesn't have to be that way!
We can learn to release the repetitive thoughts of worry, the patterns and habits that feed into the anxiety and exchange all that for renewed energy and enjoyment in life!

That's what I do for my clients: teach them to understand the fear, learn to reroute that anxious energy, and set new patterns in place that preserve the joy of life AND work!

If you're a self-proclaimed "chronic worrier" or have struggled with the drain of anxiety, now is the time to free yourself!

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about Sarah and Anxious to Energized™

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I learned what

I can do to reduce

my anxiety and

protect my emotions

in the process.

Thank you!

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I thought this would be hard, but it wasn't!

I can't tell you how much you've helped me! 

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