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Me with Molly the therapy dog

Have you kept a journal since you were six years old?

I have!

I found it especially helpful to write out my feelings when I was

diagnosed with bone cancer in high school and at other difficult times in life.
I still use it for fun and to help sort things out.

Have you ever felt nervous, anxious or afraid?

Me too. And even as I child I had unexplained stomach aches
and couldn't put words to my fearful feelings.

Have you ever had a panic attack?

I have had many.
I have learned so much more about anxiety and panic

in my eighteen years as a mental health counselor.

I enjoy teaching people how to manage their panic
and how to step into anxiety-less living.

Would you like to learn techniques that could help you live anxiety-less? 
Everything I learn, all that I have seen help myself and others,

I will share with you!


Wow...we do have a lot in common!

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