You've read all the books?
Tried all the things? 
Still Worried?

I teach women
who have tried
to be the BOSS of their anxiety
and FINALLY worry less!
Sound good?

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Be the BOSS, Get the Guide

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About Your Coach


As a wife, mom, cancer survivor, therapist, author and coach I've struggled with chronic worry and anxiety and have seen many others struggling too! 


Over the years I have learned to worry less in my life.

It is now my mission to teach others to break the pattern of chronic worry in their lives to lighten their loads and experience peace of mind!

Worry drains us. 

It robs us of the courage to move forward with our lives.

Worry causes us to feel overwhelmed, anxious and lost.

But it doesn't have to be that way!
We can learn to release the repetitive thoughts of worry for a more peaceful mind.

That's what I do for my clients: help them to release fear, learn to relax,

which improves their outlook and frees them to dream!

If you're a self-proclaimed "chronic worrier", now is the time to free yourself!

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