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What's Your Story?

Have you kept a journal since you were six years old? I have!

I found it especially helpful to write out my feelings when I was

diagnosed with bone cancer in high school.

Have you ever written a book only to pack it away or worse,
throw it away?
Me too! I wrote my first book in middle school and have no idea where it is now!

Did you attend summer camps for creative writing? I did too!
I even traveled to Russia to pilot a writing program when I was just seventeen years old!

Do you still keep journals to this day? 
Me too.


Wow! We have a lot in common!

Want to join my club?

I started Storyteller Station podcast and Storyteller Nation community

to inspire, inform and encourage writers like us to keep writing! I like to share what I've learned in hopes that you will learn too and start sharing your writing; 
maybe even publish a book one day!
There are a few honorary members: my husband, my four boys and
our therapy dog, Molly! There's always room for more!

So if you have a story to tell or just enjoy hearing them, join Storyteller Nation!

I believe that fact or fiction, truth or fairytale we all have a story to tell!


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