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anxiety Resources

Informational video on managing stress in effort
to maintain a healthy immune system.
It gives a quick overview of the stress response,

which is key to understanding worry/anxiety.

Qi Gong with Jeffrey Chand (video)

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner and Qi Gong instructor Jeffrey Chand offers insight, information and instruction in the meditative movement of Qi Gong.

The beautiful settings and Jeffrey's soothing voice will provide the calm that you are seeking. The education you will receive is invaluable as well.

Rock Balancing

Human Body Maps: The Vagus Nerve

The discovery and understanding of the Vagus Nerve has been huge for me in my own journey toward worry-less living as well as in my private counseling practice.

It's important to understand the function of this nerve as part of it's function relates to the initiation of the Relaxation Response. 

Aerial Pine Trees  

I share information from my own research, experience and insights from my journey of growth and healing. All of my books and wellness products will be available here as well.


Tapping for Relaxation

Siblings Nick, Jessica and Alex Ortner share all of their experience and knowledge on this comprehensive website. You can also find a free app in the app store by the same name if you'd prefer something to utilize on the go. The Tapping Solution teaches techniques utilizing accupressure techniques to help reduce a myriad of symptoms. You'd be surprised what it can help with-go over there and check it out!

Green Leaves

Learn to Breathe (Video)

Believe it or not, there is a right and a wrong way to breathe!
Change Your Breath, Change Your Life is a Ted Talk present by Lucas Rockwood. It's among my favorites for teaching/learning therapeutic deep breathing.

Forest Trees

Hormones and Social Anxiety contains a lot of useful information on various mental health disturbances, symptoms and such concerns. Hormones are another important topic to cover when one is trying to develop a worry-less lifestyle. Read the article and see if you may need to have a conversation with your doctor about hormone balance.

Green House

James Nestor: Breath

James Nestor wrote the book on breathing, literally. The book is Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art. His website provides information about his book, breathing videos and more.

Green House

Managing Cortisol, Managing Stress

Kudos! Another great article. This one covers what can happen when cortisol is out of balance. Cortisol is the hormone that is released when your stress response is triggered.

Green Park

There's Stress and Then There's "Eustress"

Dr. Lazarus suggests a term for positive stress, eustress and this is discussed in contrast to negative stress or distress in this article. 

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Stimulating the Vagus Nerve

If you've listened to me long enough you've heard that stimulating the Vagus Nerve can activate the Relaxation Response. This article talks about different ways we can illicit this response.

Image by Jay Mantri

Vagus Nerve and Function-Related Issues

This article discusses the roles and functions of the Vagus Nerve. It is quite dense material but if you like geeking out on information like this, you'll get into the article. I, for one, really enjoy learning more about the Vagus Nerve.

Cluster of Green Leaves

Here is a great overview of the Vagus Nerve, it's functions and practical ways and reasons to stimulate it.

Green Park

7 FAQ's on Cortisol

Dr. Sara Gottfried is my go-to for women's health info and cortisol management ideas and information. Highly recommend this article on 7 FAQ's about cortisol.

Image by Blake Richard Verdoorn

Environmental Stressors

While not everyone who reads this article is from southwest Pennsylvania, the explanation of stress and it's toll on the body as well as the diagram of issues stress can create within the body is relevant for everyone, everywhere.

Image by Tim Swaan

Dr. Sara Gottfried on Meditation

Dr. Gottfried talks about the power and health benefits behind meditation. If you didn't know there are many different ways to meditate, read this and get enlightened!

Image by Andreas Gücklhorn

Who better to instruct us on getting a good night's sleep than The Sleep Foundation? Read, learn and sleep well!

Image by Martin Caniga

Disclaimer:These resources do not replace medical advice or professional counseling services.If your symptoms of worry, stress or anxiety persist or increase over time, please don't hesitate to consult your healthcare physician and seek counseling for extra support.

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