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Finding Myself ... Facing Cancer is the memoir of Sarah Fenlon Falk and her experience facing cancer, twice. Once as a seventeen year old girl with bone cancer, the next as a forty-one year old wife and mother of four.


In this, Sarah's first offering, she lays out the physical, emotional and spiritual struggles she encounters as she journeys through cancer and beyond.

It is a book of hope and healing,

of pain and purpose. 


This workbook is for anyone struggling
to make a major decision. Sarah Fenlon Falk lays out the thought process she took in making decisions for her medical care when diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of forty one.

A twenty-five year bone cancer survivor, Sarah put her heart into sharing the complicated aspects of decision-making as an adult with the lives of her children and family to consider with each choice.

This is a workbook does not provide medical advice but instead encourages the reader take steps forward and find peace within their own decision-making process.




A fantasy series

for middle-grade readers

4 princes, 2 princesses and their horses, the Sage Cheval,
are left to rule the kingdom
while their father, King Elyon, 

is fighting in a war across the sea.

Plague, pirates and a rival for the throne all threaten the

children and their 
Kingdom of Monde.

Join the young royals
on their adventures in

keeping the kingdom safe

until the King returns!

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