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3 Simple (Not Easy) Steps to Improve Your Writing

This is going to be SO simple! I’ll give you the quick tip then explain how I use it. These things I’m about to share are not difficult but do require effort, energy, time and attention.

Okay? Here we go:

#1 Write and write and write some more!

The idea is not “practice makes perfect”, but practice most certainly makes progress!If I don’t have a project I’m working on (rarely if ever!) then I’ll free write. Sometimes I start my WIP (work in progress) writing sessions with free writing. What’s free writing? Basically writing out whatever pops into your head during your writing session. “Monkey butt” keeps popping into my head right now. Why? Probably because I have 4 little boys living in my house. Anyway. Whatever it takes, whatever it is, keep writing.

#2 Learn through edits!

This is not necessarily free but it certainly doesn’t have to break the bank either but I recommend you pay for at least one professional edit. Once you’ve got it pay attention to any consistent “bad habits” you may see in your writing. You can learn a lot from your editor and your writing will improve over time. It’s a great investment.

As for me, I do pay for edits and learn a lot from my editor but I have to admit I also learn a ton from my beta readers. They help me fill plot holes, time gaps, fill in missing details that should have been there and so on. If it weren’t for my betas I’m not sure my stories would be as cohesive! This leads me to my next point:

#3 Share your work!

Letting others read your stuff and give you feedback will help you get better. I know that I’ve never been sorry to share my work with someone who’s willing to give me constructive criticism. And here’s the thing: you don’t have to take their advice but it will make you think more objectively about your story and the message you’re trying to convey. So, share your work! Share it with those people you know will give you honest and constructive feedback. Then, take it! Take it like a shero! Take it like a man! Whatever, whoever, just take the feedback and use it.

So that’s it friends, three simple steps to improve your writing!

I hope you found these tips and ideas helpful and even inspiring toward making your dream of creating, writing and publishing come true!

Do you have a comments or questions for me? Or perhaps a burning desire to join the Storyteller Nation? You can do so here on the Storyteller Nation tab!

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