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I Was a Source in an Article for!

Throughout this pandemic I have learned a million things. I love being a growing, learning, changing being! It's fantastic and it's fun. Not all change is easy, and most often we meet with some sort of resistance when we are growing, but we can ease into it and just allow the process to mold us. As part of my molding and changing in the last couple years I have come to desire a wider reach, to be able to share all of my wisdom and knowledge toward managing anxiety, maximizing mindset, improving relationships (and all the things really). To that end I have begun sharing more on social media and emailing more to my email list. I want to be encouraging, inspiring and uplifting so if I don't have anything really good to share I don't share anything. So, if you'd like to join in on the fun and growth you can subscribe to the email list here:

In sharing my knowledge, wisdom and understanding of some very important things, I have been able to speak with reporters and journalists both online and offline. One such journalist used my quotes in an article about marriage therapy. I wanted to speak to marriage therapy as it is a part of my counseling practice. As you will see, should you read the article, I have very strong thoughts and ideas about WHEN to start marriage counseling (spoiler-before you're even married to the guy/gal) and the ONLY way it's going to work... For more on the topic read the entire article here:

Enjoy! And I look forward to sharing some good stuff with you very soon!


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