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How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Get Things DONE!

My coach said, "Sarah, you spend so much time getting in your own way."

I was asking her what I should do next as I develop my own coaching business, asking how to word things, how to develop things, how to build an audience to hear the valuable information I have to share. And she answered by telling me I was getting in my own way.

Naturally, I asked her for a reading assignment. Which book would be best for me to read to learn how to get out of my own way? I even asked about best habits to develop, best personal practices to use in order to get out of my own way! And she answered this with a challenge.

"I want you to do a Facebook Live on how to get out of your own way."

Say what? If I'm asking you how to do that, how am I going to know what to say on live video as to HOW to get out of my own way, I wondered.

I have heard it said we find our best answers, are the most creative, have greatest insight first thing in the morning. So, this very morning I sat in my favorite chair while the house was still silent. I watched my birds at the feeder outside and listened to their morning song. My pen and notebook in hand, I began to contemplate what my coach had asked me to do, then I began to write.

Here's what I came up with:

  • Ask yourself all the questions (and I had and have plenty!) BUT don't wait for answers. Overthinking will leave you stuck every time because there will ALWAYS be an unknown element, another question that needs to be answered.


  • Don't wait for permission, alignment, doors to open, etc.If you have the vision, the passion and even a little know-how, move forward.


  • Recognize the difference between content consumption and content creation. Don't get stuck in the learning loop. You know what you need to know, now create and do, don't just watch others doing.


  • Understand that activity does not necessarily equal productivity. Know your goal/destination and create a map to get there. It doesn't have to be a fancy, highly detailed map, just a simple and actionable step-by-step guide to keep you on track so you don't lose your way or get stuck wondering "what's next?"


  • Take breaks. Life can't be all hustle and grind. Mind, body, spirit require respite, care and connection. Seek the quiet. Create space. Spend time alone. Spend time with others. Keep it simple. Read. Worship. Rest. Pray. Dream about the next thing but don't do the thing.

  • Then, when it's time: DO THE NEXT THING.

  • Say things like: "I was made to do this!" "It is my joy and my honor to create this for my clients!" "I can't wait for people to get this information and to feel better!" "I'm so thankful I get to help and encourage others in this way!" "This program I'm creating is life-changing!" "Working with me allows for epic possibilities for my clients!" "I'm so grateful that the things I've learned because of all the really difficult things I've been through can now serve to support and inspire others!"

  • Remember these declarations when you: DO THE NEXT THING.

  • Don't wait, don't stop, remember why, rest and DO THE NEXT THING.

Which of these points spoke to you the most? Are you getting in your own way? Are you waiting for permission?

Are you consuming rather than creating?

If you feel stuck, worried that you "can't" or "don't have what it takes" and you need some support to get over yourself and get a move on, please click that "Let's Chat" button on my home page so that we can have a nice long talk about it.

I'd love to help you accomplish your goals, set yourself free from the weight of worry and chronic overthinking. I'd love to show you how to STOP getting in your own way! Mahalo, Sarah

Watch the video here.


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