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Yay for Today! A Survivor's Story

Have you ever had cancer?

Have you known or loved or cared for someone who has?

That’s my story.

My story with cancer began when I was just 17. Bone cancer.

My senior year of high school was comprised of chemotherapy, surgery and travel. The hospital was 4 1/2 hours from home, so, no visitors.

My story with cancer continues into my 40's when I'm diagnosed again and again and again. First, with breast cancer and then with 2 different types of skin cancer.

I have a relationship with cancer and medicine and treatment, but also with good grief and hope and healing.

Journaling throughout my life has helped me through so many things, including cancer. I published the first edition of this book when I was just finishing with breast cancer treatment and before my skin cancer diagnoses.

This second edition includes it all. In it I share the deep, dark, bold, beautiful and even joyous moments of my experiences. Bone cancer at 17 then breast and 2 types of skin cancer in my 40’s. It’s in here.

I share the spiritual, emotional and physical strain of the cancer experience. But I also share the lessons learned, the friends made, and the growth experienced through major health challenges. It’s my hope through the telling of my story to encourage, inspire and support those who are facing multiple or difficult health challenges of their own through my words and by sharing my story.

If you know someone who’s going through health challenges and could use a pick me up, this book was written for them! You will find it FREE in eBook on Amazon for the next 5 days in honor and celebration of my 6 year breast cancer free anniversary!

“Buy” it, read it, review it, share it! Spread the hope and healing that can come when we are intentional to make meaning in the midst of our challenges! It's been a long road for me, but right now it's YAY for today!


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