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Release Your Inner Creative!

All this talk about creativity and you may begin to doubt yourself or think you don’t have any! But I would argue that you are creative and that your inner creative is struggling to speak to you, to be released, to come out but there is no time or space for that to happen.

Think about it, we cram something into every open space in our schedule throughout the day. Not only that but every moment is LOUD. We listen to music when we’re getting ready in the morning, we listen to our favorite podcast or the news on the way to work or school, we watch YouTube videos on breaks, we listen to the music or make a call on our way home and once we’re home our headspace is filled with communication between family members or roommates. And don't even get me started on extra curricular activities! There’s a time and place for everything but sometimes we overdo it. So you see there is never a quiet moment, there are no empty spaces in our lives.

If we want to let out that inner creative so we can get to the joy of creating something great (because ANYTHING you create with that inner beauty will be great!) then we must make open spaces and quiet moments for ourselves! This is what I propose: pick ONE task or time of day during which you will allow silence. This doesn’t require you to shift your schedule or do much of anything differently than you would now EXCEPT that instead of listening to music, the news, podcasts, YouTube, audiobooks, etc, you will instead listen to the chatter in your mind. Your inner self, that hidden creative needs room to move and to speak, so give it to him or her!

This could be done while folding laundry, making breakfast, getting ready in the morning, driving to work, walking to school, a half an hour before bed, while you’re lying in bed waiting to fall asleep and so on. The possibilities are endless! It’s about allowing yourself to listen. During this time don’t struggle with thoughts that pop into your head, just acknowledge them. If you’re anything like me the to-do list is endless and it will always pop up. So to deal with that beast I usually either write down what I need to remember to do or I set a reminder on my phone for when it needs to be done then I can let it go and return to my open space. Oh and by the way, your inner creative would never be negative or call you names or disbelieve...your inner creative will call things to life, renew your passions, revive interests in things you’d long forgotten about like coloring, finger painting or making slime! Your inner creative might tell hard stories but with meaning and purpose, not senselessly or accusingly.

I hope you know that you have the light and life of creativity within you, I encourage you, nay, I urge you to create an open space to allow it to come forth! Your life will light up because of it and also, there may be someone out there who can only be touched, encouraged or lifted by the light YOU bring to the world. So c’mon, friend, shine your light! Release your inner creative!

If you plan on trying to find an open space so you can listen, let me know! And if this episode sparked something you, tell me about it! Share your story! You can contact me in any or all the ways: leave a message here or on my Facebook author page Sarah Fenlon Falk or join the Storyteller Nation Facebook group! And if you've listened to the podcast and think I'm creating something great there, please consider going over to iTunes and giving an honest rating of the podcast. I always welcome honest reviews of my books on Amazon as well!

As always, friends, thanks for stopping by and until next time: release your inner creative and Create Something Great!

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