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Interview with Epic Fantasy Author Tiffany Nevills

This girl is on fire!

I met Tiffany at a writer’s retreat in the beautiful countryside of Newberg, Oregon two years ago. We were in a writing group together and so were exposed to one another’s writing early on in our friendship. We talk a little bit about the workshop and mentoring we received at that retreat in this episode! But since that time in Oregon, we have met back up at a writer’s conference in Philadelphia and have stayed in touch to give support to one another as Tiffany continues to write, design and publish book after book (and I limp along with my works-in-progress!) This girl is on fire!

To learn more about her you have to listen to the episode over on Storyteller Station! Tiffany shares about how writing had a part in helping her to deal with the devastating diagnosis of infertility and continues to give her a creative outlet as well. She will share tips regarding her process and through it all you will learn just how incredibly creative and talented this girl is! She writes about dragons and creates vivid characters and artwork that jump off the page at you. You’ve got to check her out and buy a book while you’re at it!

Here are some of the ways to do that:

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