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Rock the Quarantine: Treat Yourself Tuesday

Treat yourself to a hand massage with homemade hand scrub! Ingredients: 2 tbsp olive oil or coconut oil

2 tbsp sugar

1/2 lemon

I used coconut oil, warmed it then poured it into my jar of sugar. Last I squeezed in my lemon.

Stir. Get your hands wet with warm water (not hot, not cold, even though cold water in the face will stimulate that vagus nerve and wake up your relaxation response!)

Dip your hands in the scrub and give them a good soft rubbing. I'll give you a massage for your hands too, but, first, rinse the scrub from your hands.

Now that they are dry your skin is probably nice and smooth.

Take a deep breath and try to breathe deeply as we continue.

Find the meaty part of your hand, between the thumb joint and the base of the pointer finger. This is the hegu acupressure point. Click to learn more. You've probably heard of it before. It's the place they tell you to squeeze if you have a headache or pain of some sort. We want to just massage this area with our thumb or the pointer finger.

Start with one hand. Massage the hegu point.

Now we will move to the baxie points in between the knuckles of each finger. Use your thumb or finger tip to get in between the knuckles and massage. If you find some tenderness there that may indicate your immune system is in need of some attention.

Once you've massaged each point on that hand, switch to the other. Massage the hegu point then each baxie point.

Wring your hands together then release. Shake them out.

Take another deep breathe.


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