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Rock the Quarantine: Thrifty/Thrivey Thursday!

The one where I show you creative ways to use common objects in your home for multiple purposes! Enjoy!

Common valuable item one: BASKETS!

Baskets can be used in the bathroom to hold toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, deodorant, combs, brushes, hair gel, styling paste, and wipes. They can be used under the sink to hold cleaning supplies, ladies monthly products, baby powder, room spray and the like.

BONUS BATHROOM TIP: Only put one roll of toilet paper out at a time for conservation purposes. Teach the family to use less, save more. (And wash those hands for at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap!)

Baskets can be used in the hall closet. That’s right. They can hold razors, extra toiletries, hair brushes, hair dryers, medicine, dog supplies, shampoo, hair spray and so on. Another little organizational tip: use shoe boxes. They are sturdy and help with organization of smaller items such as hair clips, matches, batteries, emergency flashlights, extra command strips and hooks, and so on. Shoe boxes! (Bonus pro shoe box tip: label them after you’ve filled them!) But, back to baskets...

Baskets can also be used in the living room to hold school papers that are brought home daily. (Since the quarantine began our family of six may have saved several trees alone by not participating in our daily activities. I feel good about that.) The living room baskets can hold keys, gum, pens, bookmarks, and apparently, cookbooks.

Other uses for living room baskets include: card games, PIT, dice, Battle Line, Pokemon cards (NOT a game-serious business, nay, a lifestyle!), small books, sunglasses, golf balls, mittens, hats, clips, and anything small enough to fit inside.

Common valuable item two: GRIPPY MATERIAL

You know, the grippy material that typically lines your kitchen drawers or the bottom of your shelves? THAT grippy material. Yes. Put a piece of that fantastic stuff under your large cutting boards to hold them in place. BOOM! Mind-blown, right? You can also use smaller pieces of this material on difficult-to-open jars.

Speaking of difficult-to-open jars. That leads me to

Common valuable item three: THE HAND-HELD CAN OPENER

Not only can that simple little hand-held can opener cut into metal, but if you have the kind with the cushioned handles you can use the handles to grip the cap/lid that is giving you grief and it will give you the extra edge you need to open that puppy! That’s right my friends, the common hand-held can opener is a power house!

BONUS KITCHEN TIP: Do you know what else can be used in the kitchen? BASKETS! They can hold any or all of your smaller kitchen utensils, spices, rubber bands, twist ties, bags of specialty sugars or nut flours and coupons.

This next item is an extra goody for you listening on the podcast, or you reading on the Storyteller blog. Wait for it… Common valuable item four: DUCT TAPE

If you watch the Thrifty/Thrivey video on YouTube, watch for the basket that has been repaired with use of, you guessed it, duct tape. Anyway who knows me at all knows that I love duct tape. But that’s another episode, video, post, etc…

Is there a common household item that you have come to learn is useful for multiple tasks? Please feel free to share your ideas with me! As you can probably tell, I love to reduce waste and reuse items. So please connect here on my website, or on my facebook page or on my YouTube Channel: Sarah Fenlon Falk.

Until next time, friends, be well, be at peace and remember... BASKETS!

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