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Interview with Middle Grade Adventure Author Dustin Brady

Interview with Dustin Brady

April 9, 2020

I had the privilege to speak with middle grade adventure author Dustin Brady on a lovely Saturday morning during Covid-19 quarantine. Dustin is the author of the Lost in a Video Game series as well as Superhero for a Day and the Leila and Nugget series. He wrote a great bio on his website so go check it out right now! (There’s some bonus info included there so, if you’re a gamer you’ll thank me later!)

Dustin shared with me that he started writing when his wife found out she was pregnant with their first child. Even though he had thought about writing a book for years. He decided to write a book that he would have wanted to read as a ten year old boy. He writes to engage the reluctant reader and loves to hear from parents when his books are the first books their children read cover to cover. He also writes under a pen name (Matt Korver), publishing independently, for the pleasure of it. Dustin admits while he is able to write a book in two to three months his book length is usually around 20-30 thousand words. He types his work and doesn’t dictate. He’s not a fan of the sound of his own voice so he won’t be narrating his own books for audio, and he assures me he will not listen to his interview on the podcast either! :) He told us a little bit about his current projects which include more of his personal interest projects as well as a pick your path type of space mystery book which he is finding to be a handful to write! (Though I’d totally be into reading it! I was always a fan of the Choose Your Own Adventure books when I was younger.) I’m going to try to get him back on the podcast to talk about marketing, because y’all, this guy knows what he’s talking about when it comes to all that! Admittedly, that is my weak point! I’d rather just write all the books and let someone else do all that work for me!

Anyway, if you’d like to hear my conversation with Dustin Brady, please head to the podcast! If you want to know more about Dustin, head over to his website! Enjoy!

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