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Author Spotlight: Kerelyn Smith

Kerelyn Smith is a delightful human being and I was blessed to have met her through a Facebook friend earlier this year. We originally chatted in May just after she had published her debut novel Mulrox and the Malcognitos.

This middle grade fantasy novel is a delightful tale of an ogre with a secret desire to become the world’s greatest poet with the unfortunate conundrum in the lack of good ideas. In fact he believes his ideas are rotten. When his terrible ideas come to life, Mulrox’s quest begins. If you like prophetic rodents, spellbinding sneezes, and ferocious sheep, you’ll love Mulrox and the Malcognitos!

Kerelyn worked on creating the perfect package and refining the story of Mulrox and in my opinion she’s done a fabulous job. The book is beautiful and the story is absorbing. Not only that, but Kerelyn has a lovely instagram feed where she shares photos of food, nature, her thoughts and her work. To follow Kerelyn on instagram

To learn more about this fabulous person and author visit

My apologies to Kerelyn, for while I was the first podcaster to interview her, I was not the first podcaster to publish said interview. After talking with Kerelyn in May I found myself overtaken by work, family life and emotions in the midst of this global pandemic. While it took me almost SEVEN months to finally blog about this conversation and edit the audio, it was enjoyable for me to revisit the conversation and to remember some of the encouraging words Kerelyn shared with me. She may not know how naturally encouraging and bright she is, but there you have it! We were able to talk about the creative process and how some of us creatives (Kerelyn and I to name two) overthink things at times, which can slow down our creative output. But, we are all learning our craft day by day and so we hope to refine it along the way. In the course of our conversation Kerelyn cites the Story Grid podcast with Shawn Coyne and Tim Grahl as one source that she found to be greatly useful in her process.

She also talked about The Creative Penn podcast hosted by Joanna Penn. Joanna Penn has been a great help, inspiration and influence for me in my journey as well. To take a look at the wealth of resource Joanna has to offer, visit

In the meantime though, I highly recommend you grab your copy of Mulrox and the Malcognitos and settle down for a fun read! If you’ve got kiddos, they’ll love this story too! (Don’t forget to do the voices!) Oh and if you’d prefer, Mulrox is available in audiobook as well! Enjoy!


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